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landing_design Created with Sketch. Escalated Event Alerts BLR HUB IN: 1800 MT | OUT: 600MT INBOUND OVERLOAD Detention: 12 Hrs Points of Interest POI: 26 counts NH 44, 10 km from Indore DEL - BLR Halts: 3 - 3.5 Hrs Turn-Around Analysis NEW DELHI HUB Daily Avg. : 1640 MT Avg. Detention: 2.5 Hrs Avg. Time: 4.5 Hrs Route Performance DELHI - KOCHI 92% Online 88% SLA 1684 kms | 65 Hrs Vendor Performance Chowdary Transport 12 Vehicles 32 Trips 96% SLA Real time status AWB123654 SCHEDULE 12/03 1200 ETA: 12/03 15:30
Empowering over 10,000 vehicles on road with Industry Leaders.

Data Driven Intelligence Empowering your Logistics.

Learn how businesses take advantage of our dashboards and reports.

Everything you need to know about your operations, Anytime, Anywhere.

Real time status on every movement with controlled access to the right stakeholders. If any event requires your attention, the required stakeholders will be alerted.

Partner with the right players and monitor their performance.

Monitor performance of every partner/unit and measure them against their own and national benchmarks. Back your long term planning with Data while ensuring every partner maintaines their performance.

Our Platform shows you the money.

Detailed reports help you identify and exactly measure money being wasted in transit or in turn-around to help make short term decisions and organize operations.


Dashboards and Reporting

Real time visibility with Decision making MIS and Reports to help maintain healthy performance.

Fleet Management

Seamless management of your supplychain with our fleet Management platform helping with automated maintanence reminders and KYC.

GST Ready Invoicing

Be ready for the future with GST ready invoicing and reporting while accessing unit level details.

Smart, Easy to deploy and use tools helping you identify every leakage in your operations.
Know exactly whats important in real time, anywhere!

Easy to Setup

Get started in Minutes and experience the power of automation. Your current infratructure and resources are sufficient.


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